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Since January 01, 2015 Internet-companies will have to store personal data of Russian clients only in Russia.

DATE: September 23, 2014 | AUTHOR: atlawyers

The State Duma unanimously adopted Bill No. 596277-6 that alters the effective date of Federal law No. 242-FZ dated July 21, 2014 (hereinafter correspondingly – “Bill” and “Law No. 242-FZ”) in the first reading on 19 September, 2014.  Law No. 242-FZ introduces amendments to Federal law “On personal data”. In the new version, Federal law “On personal data” provides a requirement for internet companies to carry out record, systematization, accumulation, storage, specification and extraction of personal data of the Russian Federation’s citizens in the databases that are located in the server systems on the territory of the Russian Federation.

Law No. 242-FZ should have entered into force on  September 01, 2016, but in case of adoption and approval of the Bill, Law No. 242-FZ will enter into force on  January 01, 2015.

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