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Russian FTS Extends the List of Data for Foreign Assets Report

DATE: December 23, 2020 | AUTHOR: AT

The Russian Federal Tax Service has expanded the currency control requirements for taxpayers. They are now obliged to provide data in their annual report not only on the movement of funds but also on the movement of other financial assets.

The new reporting form includes: securities, derivatives, shares in the authorized capital of a legal entity (including minority shares below 10%), shares in a foreign structure without a legal entity, rights of claim under an insurance contract, as well as “other financial assets”. Thus, the list of financial assets which should be included into the report is open, and may include other assets in addition to those explicitly mentioned. No explanations regarding this issue have been given yet.

The new rules will come into force on January 1, 2021 (RF Government Decree № 2051). Resident organizations must provide data on crediting, debiting and balance of financial assets at the beginning and end of the reporting period on accounts in foreign financial organizations, beginning with the first quarter report in 2021, and individuals must provide data from the 2021 report, which is submitted in 2022.

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