Nikita A. Krasnov


Nikita A. Krasnov is proficient with corporate law and provides advice with regard to general corporate governance, corporate restructuring and M&A transactions as well as day-to-day corporate activities of a company.

Prior to joining AT Lawyers, Nikita worked in “Pepeliaev Group” law firm where he participated in various intragroup and intergroup transactions with companies’ shares, development and implementation of joint venture structures, issue of securities and other complex corporate procedures.

Holds a master of law degree after graduating with honors from Moscow State Institute (University) of International Affairs.

Has fluent knowledge of English language.

As of today, Nikita successfully participates in several key projects which involve both major and middle-level business companies in the following fields:

  • Sale of assets located in Russian Federation to Russian- and foreign-based investors with both Russian and common law deal structuring;
  • Complex restructuring and reorganization of various groups of companies for the purposes of business optimization, internal debt restructuring, pre-sale preparation, etc.;
  • Additional issue of shares of joint stock companies;
  • Due diligence and red-flag reports;
  • Development of corporate governance structures intended to monitor management’s actions;
  • M&A transactions.