Molosnova Elizaveta 1

Elizaveta M. Molosnova

Senior Associate

Molosnova Elizaveta is an senior associate of AT Lawyers since 2016 and active in foreign jurisdictions. Graduated from Russian Academy of Justice.


Recent projects:


  • Representing interests of a large European manufacturer of conveyor equipment in a dispute on recovery of losses incurred in connection with the performance of the construction contract;
  • Developing legal position, preparation of procedural documents in a dispute on recovery of losses incurred in the process of executing an investment contract on construction of a shopping center;
  • Drafting expert reports on Russian law for foreign court;
  • Representing liquidator of foreign company in the corporate disputes related to title to shares in the charter capital of Russian companies, challenge of corporate decisions, recovery of losses incurred in a result of the sale of shares at a reduced price;
  • Representing interests of a large agricultural holding in the State Labor Inspectorate in connection with an industrial accident, in disputes on challenge of Acts on investigation of an accident;
  • Elaboration of legal position, procedural documents in the framework of disputes on recover debts under the Facility Agreements and Deeds of Guaranty governed by foreign law;
  • Consulting cross-border gold mining company on extention of the license to use subsoils and gaining agreement from the Governmental Commission for Control over Foreign Investment in the Russian Federation;
  • Developing of a legal position in the case on violation of antimonopoly legislation initiated by against the oil company;

Intellectual Property / Telecom:

  • Advising an Asian manufacturer of household chemicals on the trademark protection in Russia, challenging the registration of trademarks registered by the distributor in his name without the consent of the supplier;
  • Creating an “partner scheme” for the developer of ERP systems, including a partnership agreement, licensing agreements with partners and end users, advising on the protection of software rights;
  • Advising large Russian and foreign companies on a wide range of intellectual property issues, including the preparation of licensing agreements for the use of trademarks, inventions, software;
  • Advising the developer of application for mobile phones on the of personal data protection issues, preparing terms of use, privacy policy;
  • Developing a set of documents for online store for a large European manufacturer of conveyor equipment.