Alena A. Kosina


Alena Kosina specializes in counsel and arbitral representation. Experienced in legal advice on family, inheritance and land law.

Holds a Master of Laws degree, graduated form Kutafin Moscow State Law University with honors (MSAL).




1.      Representing of a liquidator of a foreign company and participating in complex trial that includes 9 arbitral cases.
2.      Representing a client in enforcement proceedings in the case of
recovery proceedings against mortgaged property – living quarters  in the center of Moscow (sale by public tender).
3.      Representing a client within the frame of bankruptcy of a bank in the case of declaration of a transaction as invalid -  a banking operation to withdraw money from client’s operating account and transfer it  on account of debt repayment for credit agreement.
4.      Representing a client in State Labour Inspectorate in administrative offence  cases  (labour violation), appeal of  State Labour Inspectoratedecisions on the imposition of administrative sanctions in a court.
5.      Representing of a foreign individual in the case of declaration of stay (residence) of a client in the territory of Russian Federation undesirable by Federal Service on Surveillance for Consumer rights protection and human well-being with a demand for leaving the territory of Russian Federation due to HIV infection.
6.      Representing a parent (father) in a dispute on committing a child to the care of the father and determining its place of residence with the father.
7.      Legal support of surrogate maternity procedure.
8.      Legal opinions regarding declaration holding company, foreign private fund, closed-end fund revenue as revenue to set an amount of a minor child maintenance payments.
9.      Consulting a private client on buying land plots out of government and public property, transferring  land plots to different category and changing the permitted way of use of a land plot.
Author of articles “The legal nature of distribution agreements”, “Actual problems of reliability of electronic documents in civil procedure” (co-authored), “View of Professor M.A. Gurvich on the principle of objective truth”, “Effect of the principle of objective truth in writ proceedings”, “The trend of changing legislative control in civil legal proceedings and their influence on achieving the truth in a legal process”.
The holder of the Diploma of I degree at the National Intercollegiate student scientific and practical conference “Actual problems of legal science, law and justice,” Nizhny Novgorod (2014). The participant of scientific-practical conference dedicated to the 120th anniversary of Doctor of Legal Sciences, Professor M.A. Gurvich “Scientific Heritage of Professor M.A. Gurvich” (2016).