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Kommersant FM: Ilya Aleshchev talks on problems of businessmen with hackers

DATE: August 1, 2021 | AUTHOR: AT

Small and medium-sized businesses pay hackers up to 30 million rubles in order to save encrypted data and minimize losses – but avoid going to court. Often by reason of long downtime and large damages managers decide to pay hackers – court proceedings are long and unprofitable, Radio Kommersant FM 93.6 reported.

Ilya Aleshchev, a partner of law firm Alimirzoev & Trofimov, had a similar case in practice:

“It was a conflict between the owner of an IT business and his key employee, who was the author of the code. After the breakup, the employee took advantage of the backdoors he had left in the software, and paralyzed the work of the firm. We gave the client the entire toolkit of legal protections. There was an option to negotiate, and several rounds of negotiations took place there as well. In practice, the sad truth is that business is about money. Entrepreneurs often think pragmatically, not in the category of how to resolve such disputes ethically, but in the category of when I can get my business back. In the end, the parties came to an agreement.”

To find out more about the problem, read the full story at the link.

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