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Kommersant: Alyona Kosina commented on the abolition of family status and children marks in passports

DATE: August 1, 2021 | AUTHOR: AT

One of the most discussed recent news is that information about marital status and children will now be added to the general passport at the request of its owner. Alena Kosina, lawyer at Alimirzoev & Trofimov law firm, commented on the situation for Kommersant.

Alena Kosina said that previously Rosreestr was entitled to suspend registration of ownership transfer of an apartment in case of registration of a transaction without “notarized consent of a spouse”.

Now, according to the expert, the position of state agencies has changed: Rosreestr does not suspend the transaction, but makes a note in the Unified State Register that the state registration of rights was carried out on the “basis of the transaction, made without the consent of a third party required by law”.
However, Alyona Kosina considers the fact of “lack of consent to the transaction” to be difficult to prove.

“The courts often dismiss this decision with reference to the fact that the plaintiff has not provided any evidence confirming the absence of his consent to the transaction,” she adds.

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