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Increase in duties of withdrawal from Russian citizenship

DATE: September 29, 2023 | AUTHOR: AT

Russia’s MFA has drawn up the draft decree of the Government of the RF according to which duties for a number of consular services will be increased. The duty of issuing an application for withdrawal of Russian citizenship is to be increased from $65 to $130. Besides, the duty of issuing international passports will increase: regular passports with five-year validity – from $30 to $35, biometric passports with ten-year validity – from $80 to $90. For children under 14, the duty of issuing an international passport will also rise from $10 to $15 and from $40 to $50, respectively.

Among other consular duties, it is proposed to increase the duty of registering a name change and issuing the relevant certificate from $90 to $100, and the duty of registering the establishment of paternity from $10 to $20. The increased duties of consular services should minimise additional charges for payers, as emphasised in the explanatory memorandum to the draft decree.

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