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In Department of Treasury of the Russian Federation is discussed the rise of dividend tax from 9% to 13%. By means of this innovation is planned to increase the revenues. The innovation critics (to which belongs in particular Department of Treasury of the Russian Federation) alert, that dividend yield is likely to descend and stock market may lose private investments.

DATE: February 5, 2014 | AUTHOR: atlawyers

Besides, as the critics believe, such rise of taxes will not measurably affect the revenues, because, firstly, there are a few private recipients of dividends (not more than 5%); secondly, the obligation to pay the increased tax will be easily circumvented by corporate schemes. It is also important, that companies, which pay dividends, have already paid income tax of 20%, thus increasing the dividend tax, in fact, will increase the tax on that, (what) has already been subject of taxation.

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