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Getting Russian Сitizenship for the Spouses of Russians Simplified

DATE: December 17, 2020 | AUTHOR: AT

In the second half of 2020, legislative changes have come into force which simplify the process of acquiring a Russian citizenship. The changes concern, among other things, those who are married to Russians and have children, provided that the family resides in the territory of the Russian Federation.

Applicants will no longer have to renounce their own citizenship. Also, lawmakers abandoned the requirement of 5-year continuous residence in Russia, as well as the need to notify about the legal source of income when submitting an application.

Amendments to the law “On Citizenship of the Russian Federation” concerning foreigners and stateless persons became effective in July 2020. There are three main requirements for obtaining citizenship under the simplified procedure: three years of marriage to a Russian citizen while living in Russia, at least one parent with Russian citizenship living in Russia, or citizenship of Belarus, Kazakhstan, Moldova, or Ukraine.

Another new law, No. 209-FZ, simplifies the acquisition of citizenship for: children, whose application was submitted by their legal representatives, but the child became an adult person when it was under consideration; citizens, whose adult child has Russian citizenship.

Also, the applicants for Russian citizenship will have to undergo mandatory dactiloscopic registration.

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