Pro Bono Work

One of the leading representatives in Russian legal society, AT Lawyers realizes that its reputation not only provides significant advantages, but also imposes important responsibilities. The Firm recognizes a responsibility to use its impressive credentials and talented staff to represent individuals who cannot afford legal services.

Social contribution is one of the most important responsibilities for a law firm of our magnitude.

Examples of Our Pro Bono Work:

    1. 1. Our respected legal team provided legal representation in both the civil and criminal proceedings on behalf of an individual who was wrongfully evicted from his flat. This case involved several charges, including forgery of the sales-purchase agreement; forgery of power of attorney documents; and providing falsified data regarding the transfer of property rights to the State Register of Rights. These acts were committed with the intent to illegally acquire the immovable property.

Because of the efforts of our legal team, this client won the civil case: the sales-purchase agreement was deemed void and the client’s ownership of the flat was recognized in the State Register of Rights. The criminal case regarding the defendant’s attempts to unlawfully acquire the flat is currently being reviewed by the court.

    1. 2. In another case, our lawyers assisted a foreign citizen who believed that he had been wrongfully terminated from his job in the Russian department of a large foreign fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company. Due to a worsening financial situation, the company sought to terminate the employment of a number of well-paid employees, including our client. Their technique consisted of a so-called “gentle dismissal,” aimed at obtaining a voluntary resignation from our client.

Based on information discussed during a consultation with one of our attorneys, the client was able to collect evidence supporting his allegation that he was wrongly terminated from his job. With this evidence, he was able to successfully negotiate a settlement in which he received more than five months’ salary. In contrast, his coworkers who were without legal representation received no compensation from the termination of their employment.

    1. 3. Our legal team provided legal assistance to a foreign citizen for a legal claim involving a dispute regarding payment of damages of a rental home. The lessor alleged that the contents of the home, including the furniture and appliances, were damaged while the client lived there, and that the client did not return the keys after moving out. This civil proceeding is currently in progress.
    2. 4. Our attorneys provided legal aid to a company that owns a plot of land in the South Federal District. This company was in dispute with the tax agency and the cadastral chamber over the issue of whether the application of cadastral estimation of land is appropriate for this land tax calculation.

This case has been appealed to the tax court to decide the issue of the additional land tax charge.