Intellectual Property and Information Management

A&T Lawyers Intellectual Property/Information Management practice serves Russian and International Clients in respect to wide variety of legal issues in both domestic and crossborder context in respect to copyright, licensing, patent, trademark, domain names, databases and other intellectual property rights matters.

The last but not least, an important division of our Intellectual Property practice is dedicated to information management and personal data protection compliance (especially in cross border and multi- urisdictional regulation context) as well as other facets of ‘digital compliance’, such as export controls and limitation on bidding for state procurement tenders in respect to software licensing.

Several examples of recent assignments include:

  • Drafting and negotiating complex license agreements in respect to software
    solutions (incorporating services related to customization, deployment and
    maintenance), copyrighted works (including movies/documentaries, TV
    advertisements and dubbed movie soundtracks), trademarks etc;
  • Advising a Russian subsidiary of an Asian trans-national corporation to structuring
    transfer of copyright license worth circa EUR 600k that in respect to specialized
    computer software;
  • Turn key legal support of online payment system development by a Russian bank,
    including formalizing relations with the developers (both third-parties and
    employees of the Client), formalizing legal merge of several existing software
    products into a single software solution, including licensing of third party modules,
    advising on copyright protection, registration of the online payment system with
    Russian Central Bank;
  • Advising a number of Clients (including major web-based business acting in
    hospitality industry) with adapting privacy policies and bringing them in
    compliance with Russian legislation while meeting the goals set in the company
    policy level;
  • Advising a number of Clients (including several major developers of software in
    construction and computer-aided design areas, companies acting in internet
    advertisement and provision of database access) with adapting their personal data
    protection policies and bringing them in compliance with Russian legislation while
    meeting the goals set in the company policy level;
  • Successfully protecting a global web-based business focusing on airfare and hotel
    price comparison and booking in WIPO arbitration dispute over web domain name
    which was confusingly similar to the trademark held by the Client. After the WIPO
    arbitration awarded in favor of the Client we have also arranged the transfer of the
    domain name to the Client;
  • Advising a number of Clients in protection of the domain name, trade mark and
    company name in respect to setting up a business unit in Russia;
  • Assisting a number of Clients domestic and worldwide trade mark registration both
    under Madrid treaty and otherwise;
  • Advising a number of Clients in respect to selection of a jurisdiction of the IP holding
    company based on the protection, taxation and enforcement issues;
  • Advising a Client in respect to micro-loan web service where loan agreements were
    to be made entirely electronically, which entailed a collection of IP, contract law,
    banking law and compliance issues.