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AT team won a case to establish the order of communication between a 3-year-old and his father

DATE: November 15, 2021 | AUTHOR: AT

AT team won a case to establish the order of communication between a young child (3 years old) and his father (Client).

The peculiarity of this case was that the mother of the child systematically prevented the father from communicating with her son, objected to joint vacations and sleepovers between the father and the child, arguing that the child was too young and had medical indications. Nevertheless, the guardianship and custody agencies sided with the father, supporting his stated order.

In this case, the parties received the opinions of psychological specialists, who also noted the need to preserve the psychological and emotional attachment of the child to his father and, as a consequence, the need for stable communication between our Client and his child. The Respondent did not present any evidence that the Plaintiff’s communication with the Child was not in his best interests, that it threatened his mental and physical health, that the Child could not be away from home and without his mother.

As a result, the court granted the claims of our Client, providing the requested schedule of communication with the child (including vacations and overnights).

Julia Zamyatina, Alena Kosina, and Andrey Moskovets participated in the project.

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