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Alimirzoev & Trofimov Defended a Foreign Client in a Real Estate Dispute

DATE: April 12, 2021 | AUTHOR: AT

Lawyers of Alimirzoev & Trofimov defended in appeal the interests of a foreign client in a dispute over expensive real estate.

The client purchased real estate in 2015, and several years after the purchase faced a claim from the seller. After an unsuccessful attempt to challenge the real estate purchase agreements as invalid transactions, the plaintiff sued to recover money under the contracts, claiming that she had not received payment under them.

The court referred to judicial acts in a previous case to invalidate the transaction. It was established that the contracts had been executed in full by the defendant, the client of Alimirzoev & Trofimov. Also, the court has once again confirmed the argument about the bad faith of the plaintiff, who abuses his rights and submits unfounded claims.

Though the plaintiff insisted that she had not received the money, she had paid the tax in the amount of about 23 million rubles and filed a tax return with the relevant data. The filing of the tax return, as well as the payment of the tax, is the confirmation of receipt of funds under the sale contract. The position of the court is in line with the established case law.

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