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A bill to increase fines for failure to appear at a military commissar’s office

DATE: September 4, 2023 | AUTHOR: AT

Amendments to Articles 21.5 and 21.6 of the Code of Administrative Offenses of the Russian Federation will come into force on October 1st. They are increasing fine amounts for citizens for violations related to military registration, namely:

  1. 1) failure to appear on summons without a valid reason – from 10000 rubles to 30000 rubles;
  2. 2) failure to report about the departure from the Russian Federation for more than six months – from 5000 rubles to 15000 rubles;
  3. 3) failure to report about the departure for more than 3 months during the draft period – from 10000 rubles to 20000 rubles;
  4. 4) refusal of medical examination – from 15000 rubles to 25000 rubles.

Previously, all these violations were punishable by a single fine ranging from 500 rubles to 3000 rubles.

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